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“ Accountants adding value to the strategy of business”

Instaccountant is there to assist in the season of tax in Canada. As the tax season in Canada is in a full swing. Hence, this adds value for having an easy tax filing with the help of accountants.

The tax season 2022 is really important as many new modifications have been introduced. So, the country of Canada aims at the better working of taxation with the help of new policies.

Likewise, the services of instaccountant are not only specified for a certain sector. 

But the services are especially focused on IT Professionals, Small businesses, Truck Drivers, Uber or Rideshare drivers as well as delivery guys.

Instaccountant is making tax filing easy for small businesses

The new startups, as well as small businesses, are always in search of some effective means, especially when it comes to the process of taxation.

So, for this obvious reason, Instaccountant is aimed at providing solutions that are not only effective yet quality-based.

Services of Instaccountant

The accounting service of Instaccountant is focused upon a better approach to accounting. Hence, the services that are offered are comprised of the following.


  • Accounting: The key focus of accounting service is to help small businesses. As such businesses rely upon convenient means at the start, so our services are working in a well-considered manner that is working best for you. This service is aimed at solving complex issues like getting track analysis. So, our accounting services are working effectively to provide an effective solution.
  • Bookkeeping: Talking specifically about Canada, the service of bookkeeping is best suited in accordance with the valuable accounting services. This service helps to provide a better idea regarding the better analysis regarding the investment in the form of records. As correct analysis provides better solutions, so is the case here. Hence, this method acts as an important source for the analysis regarding future-based techniques.
  • Taxation: Our services are aimed at providing easy solutions to tax filers. So, our methodologies work by having some effective solutions. Our focus for this process is based upon two types of taxation like Personal taxes as well as Corporate taxes. There is a wide range of benefits that can be achieved by this specific process. Hence, it helps to provide convenient solutions of tax for both services like Personal as well as Corporate.
  • Startup Support: Having a new startup can cause problems like considering an effective method. So, at instaccountant not only do we focus upon better sources, but we also provide you guidance for choosing a specific program.

Services for Startup support

Our accounting services are specially aimed at startup support. So, there is a broad range of services that work in an effective manner for startup supports. Our services provide definite solutions by following the strategies like below.

  • Corporate registrations
  • Licensing
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Procuring Finance

Tax treatment for various services

Our services of accounting are not only for a specific sector, but there is a range of companies that we work for. Our accountants work in an effective manner to provide better solutions for tax filing.

Likewise, there is a broad listing but the most significant sectors that grab our services are comprised of the following.

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Uber eats
  • Foodora
  • Instacart

Individuals availing the services

The most prominent clients for our services are based upon drivers, delivery services as well as small businesses and startups. Hence, the quality of our services is preferred extensively by our clients. 

Tax Filing for Uber drivers

The service of instaccountant is aimed at providing easy solutions for filing taxes. Hence, for uber drivers, our services are helping to provide some valuable solutions. 

So, it can work in an effective manner to grant the proper solutions of tax filing with the procedure. Not only do our accountants help to guide thoroughly, but they also focus upon the better strategies that work in a better way, especially for uber drivers

Benefits of filing tax in Canada

Canadians can get some extra added perks if they file taxes on time. Hence, the most important aspects are comprised of the following.

  • Getting free from deductions

    Being late with tax filing can be problematic as the filers might have to pay some extra fees. So, it is better to be on time and be safe from deductions. Otherwise, the extra charges depend upon the fact of getting late to a definite duration. The scheme of deduction can have a definite ratio. Likewise, it mostly occurs at the ratio of 2%. But it can be higher if taxes are not paid on time.

  • Chances of getting benefits from Government Schemes

 The government of Canada highly appreciates the citizens who pay their taxes on time. So, it is also rewarding at some point.

  • There are some schemes in Canada that benefit those who have paid taxes on time. Yet, the analysis predicts that there are chances of getting more rewards in the future for such individuals. 


Benefits for people with low income

This thing sounds strange but the fact is that it actually exists!. The government out there is specially focused to support low-lying citizens.

Hence, filing taxes can provide benefits that can be long-lasting. So, the most important aspects are comprised of the following.

    • Supports for income: The Canadian department of taxation has introduced a system of support for people with low incomes. Some of these programs are based upon long terms and some have short durations. Yet, the prominent programs are comprised of Benefits for Child Tax, Security for old aged citizens, verified support from income, Benefits for income tax.
    • Introducing an effective program: Effective programs work effectively for families who do not have sufficient sources. Especially, the families who have children can get benefits up to the percentage of 40.
    • Introduction of tax credits: This kind of benefit can be prominent for the citizens who are the taxpayers on an annual basis. Hence, such individuals can be part of schemes like Credits for Disable, Child care credits as well as caregiving credits.


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