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10 Best Apps for Truck Drivers in Canada and USA

There are so many apps in the market nowadays, to cater to most of our business needs. With so many apps available, it becomes difficult to find the right one that fulfills your business requirements. Not to worry. A lot of our clients who are basically professional drivers (truck, taxi, limousine, or rideshare (Uber, Lyft)) […]

The Impact of Loneliness and Powerlessness on Gig Workers

Workers in the gig economy There has been various news regarding the issues being faced by the gig economy in Canada. So, to have an insight into this issue this article will provide some important highlights that must be taken into consideration. What is the gig economy? This terminology especially involves the individuals who belong […]

Crypto tax calculator Canada

Crypto tax Canada  The locality of Canada really favors the latest innovations. Especially the one being known as the crypto tax is a new innovation in Canada  Cryptocurrency and tax  As the mode of payment has changed everywhere in the world, especially in Canada, so is the thing with tax out there. Canada really seems […]

Do Uber drivers pay tax in Canada?

Uber drivers in Canada The government of Canada highly supports Uber drivers. Likewise, the working of Uber in Canada is really appreciated. The most prominent feature of Uber in Canada is to provide the best opportunities in the form of providing passive income. The most important aspect in this regard is to provide a better […]



“ Accountants adding value to the strategy of business” Instaccountant is there to assist in the season of tax in Canada. As the tax season in Canada is in a full swing. Hence, this adds value for having an easy tax filing with the help of accountants. The tax season 2022 is really important as […]

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