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How Uber Drivers pay less HST?

HST on Uber drivers As a matter of fact, Uber transfers money earned by an uber driver to his bank account. But, one thing to notice here is that those earnings also have HST that is shown to CRA. “There are a lot of uber drivers who do not have any idea that they are […]

HST for Uber drivers and Self employed-explained

HST for Uber drivers The terminology of HST for Uber drivers is really valuable, especially when it comes to the Tax filing for Uber drivers. Likewise, it thoroughly depends upon the description of HST. So, following that we come to know that it is basically linked with the sales tax that especially accounts for sales […]

Staycation tax credit

The staycation tax credit is a new thing as a sort of taxation by the government of Canada. It not only seems to be really interesting but the Canadians can avail many amenities making it a really essential thing to consider. This kind of tax credit especially aims at the tax refund by making use […]

Luxury tax canada

What is a luxury tax Canada? This terminology of luxury tax Canada was imposed by the Government of Canada on the budget 2021 when there is a need to have an implementation of taxes on goods for personal use like automobiles mainly Cars, boats, and aircraft. Articles of luxury tax The category consists of luxury […]

Filing income tax for small businesses in Canada

Filing income tax for small businesses The process of filing income tax can be different from business to business and sector. But, the process of taxation can be a hectic process as the new and small businesses are focused upon their new startup. So, they are concerned about filing income taxes. Surprisingly, we have come […]

Canada tax brackets 2022

What do you mean by tax brackets? Tax brackets are usually the analysis of taxable amount on the basis of personal income. It is different for different countries of the world. Yet, it follows differently for Canada. Tax brackets for Canada A Canadian tax bracket is basically a category that shows the taxation amount on […]

Uber tax summary 2021- Explained

The Uber tax summary is really valuable for tax filing, especially for Uber drivers. As Canada is having the tax season for the taxations of 2021, so every individual is concerned to know about his concerning amount of taxation. Hence, in this regard, we come to know that a tax summary is given by Uber […]

Crypto tax calculator Canada

Crypto tax Canada  The locality of Canada really favors the latest innovations. Especially the one being known as the crypto tax is a new innovation in Canada  Cryptocurrency and tax  As the mode of payment has changed everywhere in the world, especially in Canada, so is the thing with tax out there. Canada really seems […]

Tax filing for Uber drivers in Canada

The method of tax filing in Canada for Uber drivers is different in their own very way. Transportation companies especially in Canada have either specific contracts or they make their clients, to earn being self-sufficient. Especially, the services of Taxis like Uber are in really high demand. So, talking about this fact we come to […]

What is CCB notice?

This notice for Canada Child benefit or CCB is based upon the specific income of families. The reason to classify it as a notice depends upon the fact this is given in the form of documentation by the government of Canada.  Conditions of CCB Notice  To avail of this notice, the following necessary requirements should […]

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