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How to file your taxes as Uber Eats and other delivery drivers

Uber Eats, Skip, Doordash and other delivery drivers do a lot of hard work earning their living off of these apps. They have to drive downtown, during the worst hours, or on the loneliest streets in the suburbs. At the end of the year, they deserve to save as many tax pennies as they can. […]

Tax Deductions for Real Estate Agents in GTA, Canada

Toronto has a lot of real estate agents (mostly part timers, self-employed). Most of them will be confused about filing their taxes. The biggest question is, what expenses can a realtor claim as tax deductions in Canada? Here’s a list to help you out.

Remote tax filing service as COVID19 spreads in Toronto

COVID-19 has caused Canadians to stay home. Staying home is the best strategy to avoid this Corona virus monster. Why take the risk for filing tax. If you are thinking that, you are right! When you can file tax without visiting our office, why not.

How to read Uber Tax Summary 2020 – Explained

How to read Uber driver tax summary 2019. The amounts and figures are somewhat confusing. Learn how to read and understand tax summary to know your Uber earnings or income for the year to file income tax as self-employed.

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