Tax filing for Uber drivers in Canada

Uber tax summary 2021- Explained

The method of tax filing in Canada for Uber drivers is different in their own very way. Transportation companies especially in Canada have either specific contracts or they make their clients, to earn being self-sufficient.

Especially, the services of Taxis like Uber are in really high demand. So, talking about this fact we come to know that the demand for taxis is really high.  

Process of Tax filing in Canada  

The process of Tax filing here depends upon the same criteria as there is for some other kind of taxes. But it is just different in the form of having the statement as well as the ratio of income. 

Tax filing for Uber drivers 

The methodology of tax filing in Canada for Uber drivers is different just from the aspect of the statement. Thus, we come to know that here the thing that matters is a statement in the form of documentation.

For Uber drivers, there is a specific statement like T2125 as well as TP-80. Both of these have their own criteria and these are dependent upon the range of wages. 

The form of T2125 is used for personal statements while in TP-80 the tax filing for business or high wages is extensively taken into consideration. 

Tax filing by T2125 form 

Being an Uber driver in Canada, the process of tax filing is different as it is there for some other tax filing like the one that exists for common people. 

So, this form is widely used for the following credentials. 

  • Tax filing for business purposes 

This is one of the important requirements for the T2125 kind of statement. It follows the idea that tax filing for Uber drives must be there in the form of a statement especially following the aspect of the business.

It ensures the need for the following credentials 

  • Specific technique to make a profit 
  • The situation of analysis comprising of things like commission data, data for sales as well as the conditions linked with a specific contract by Uber
  • Providing a brief statement that shows the idea of analysis for the separate setup of a business apart from Uber.


  • Filing of taxes on a professional basis  

Such a kind of tax implementation is there especially when we are dealing with the specific profession where an individual is working. Furthermore, it shows the idea by showing the ongoing income stream.

It follows the Work in progress or more specifically be called W-I-P 

Following are the important aspects of this kind of taxation. 

  • Having the idea of professional income 
  • It accounts especially for people with professions like lawyers, engineers, doctors as well as freelancers 
  • Original proofs are strictly demanded 

Implementation of TP-80 form 

This kind of documentation is really essential when we are looking for the specific process of tax filing for individuals, especially those who have to file for Quebec tax returns.

Moreover, it is really essential for the ones with higher incomes. Yet, the essential features consist of the following. 

  • Business on self-basis especially the one where the ownership is based upon a single member 
  • When the business depends upon two members. Especially the principal concept of partnership is the core basis of such a form. It follows to have two or more partners of a business and everybody needs to have an agreement upon this. 

Process of tax filing for such kind of forms 

An individual who needs to have tax filing via such a type of form should be well known about the fact that if you do not know the exact criteria, you should follow the guidelines of a specific tax expert. 

Therefore, to provide valuable key points for this aspect we come to know that, the tax filers can avail the expert services for taxation experts like Instaccountant. 

Services of Instaccountant for Uber drivers 

Having a team of skills as well as expertise, Instaccountant serves to have a widespread credential of services that are specified for Uber drivers, Uber eats, small businesses as well as new startups. 

Making it easy for you 

The process of tax filing though seems difficult. But with the effective services of Instaccountant an individual can have the right direction and accurate consultation.  

Furthermore, the services totally abide by the rules and regulations specified by CRA Canada. So, you can avail of the better services without a go. 

Guidance when you need 

The experts of Instaccountant know the method to resolve all of the complications. Moreover, the clients are guided whenever they need it. So, providing you with some of the better services to cater with. 

Hence, if this thing awakens an interest for you, Hence, to know more about the perfect tax filing you can make a call at +1 647 243 2884 or email at  

Frequently asked questions 

Do Uber drivers pay taxes? 

It is a common misunderstanding that is mostly considered by the public. So, we come to know that everywhere, especially in Canada, the employed, as well as self-sufficient individuals, are meant to pay their taxes. So, this is the case with uber drivers. They pay their taxes on an annual basis as everyone does so. Hence, this misconception is totally wrong. 

What is the ratio of GST as well as HST for Uber drivers? 

The ratio of 5% for the regions like Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavut as well as Yakut. While for Ontario the ratio accounts for 15%. Likewise, the areas like Quebec, New Brunswick, New Found land, Labrador, Prince Edward Island as well as Nova Scotia follow the value of 15%. 

How to calculate GST as well as HST? 

There is not a much difficult thing to worry about. Hence, by having an idea from the official survey we come to know that the methodology is based upon the technique of having ratio as well as the official amount implementation for GST or HST. For instance, if the fare accounts for 50$ as well as the ratio is 5% then 5 will be considered as 0.05$. While the calculation will serve out as. 

$50 * 0.05 = $2.50

So, this is the considered amount that will be counted as the tax that a tax filer must pay to the Government.


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