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A Guide to Uber Rideshare & Food Delivery Driver Taxes & HST (2024)

If you’re working as a rideshare driver for Uber, Lyft, Uride, or doing food delivery through platforms like Uber Eats, DoorDash, or SkipTheDishes, it’s essential to navigate the world of Canadian taxes. In this blog, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to ensure you handle your taxes correctly as an Uber rideshare […]

How to file your taxes as Uber Eats and other delivery drivers

Uber Eats, Skip, Doordash and other delivery drivers do a lot of hard work earning their living off of these apps. They have to drive downtown, during the worst hours, or on the loneliest streets in the suburbs. At the end of the year, they deserve to save as many tax pennies as they can. […]

Uber tax summary 2021- Explained

The Uber tax summary is really valuable for tax filing, especially for Uber drivers. As Canada is having the tax season for the taxations of 2021, so every individual is concerned to know about his concerning amount of taxation. Hence, in this regard, we come to know that a tax summary is given by Uber […]

Tax filing for Uber drivers in Canada

The method of tax filing in Canada for Uber drivers is different in their own very way. Transportation companies especially in Canada have either specific contracts or they make their clients, to earn being self-sufficient. Especially, the services of Taxis like Uber are in really high demand. So, talking about this fact we come to […]

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