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Canada tax brackets 2022

Canada tax brackets 2022

What do you mean by tax brackets?

Tax brackets are usually the analysis of taxable amount on the basis of personal income. It is different for different countries of the world. Yet, it follows differently for Canada.

Tax brackets for Canada

A Canadian tax bracket is basically a category that shows the taxation amount on the basis of the specific income of a family or a particular business.

Thus, these tax brackets are really helpful to provide an idea regarding the imposed tax on a certain person. Hence, like for every year, the tax brackets of 2022 have already been defined. 

This article will thereby help to provide some beneficial points regarding such kind of taxations. One thing is noticed here and that depends upon the fact that such tax brackets are calculated by Federal tax rates.

What are federal tax rates?

These are the kind of taxes that are implemented on the basis of income by the Government of Canada. These vary from income to income and it plays a valuable role in the determination of tax brackets.

The tax brackets Canada for 2022

 The elaboration with the help of a tabular representation helps to provide a better idea regarding the taxable ratios. So, it is especially considered for this article.  Tax brackets 
1.  15% on taxable incomes of approx. 50,000$ 
2.  20.5% for incomes higher than 50,000$ 
3.  26% tax on incomes with amounts higher than 55,000$ 
4.  29% implementation on 66,000$ or more 
5.  33% imposition on 221,000$ or more 


Tax brackets for different regions of Canada for 2022

The tax brackets for Canada, are usually there in an individual manner for different regions. So, we will discuss various regions one by one.

Newfoundland and Labrador

The tax brackets here are present in the form of 8 groups on the basis of incomes linked with families. So, these are comprised of the following.   Tax rates 
1.  8.7% on 39,000$ or less 
2.  14.5% on incomes up to 79,000$ 
3.  15.8% on 139,000$ but not more  
4.  17.8% at amounts till 195,000$  
5.  19.8% upon 250,000$ 
6.  20.8% over 500,000$ 
7.  21.3% tax rate at 1,000,000$ 
8.  21.8% rate on more than 1,000,000$ 



This region has tax brackets in the form of three groups. So, it follows the following description.  Tax brackets 
1.  10.8% at 34,000$ or less but not more 
2.  12.75% upon 74,000$  
3.  17.4% on amounts more than 74,000$  



For this specific region, the tax brackets follow the 5 groups. This shows that here too the implementation is based upon different values.  Yet, it follows in the following manner.  Tax brackets 
1.  5.05% upon 46,000$ or less 
2.  9.15% at 92,000$ 
3.  11.16% implementation at 150,000$ 
4.  12.6% rate upon 220,000$ 
5.  13.6% taxation at more than 220,000$ 


Northwest Territories

The taxation rates are different especially for such a kind of territory. Yet the implementation occurs on the basis of four groups. Hence, talking about this implementation, we get to know the following implementation.  Tax brackets 
1.  5.9% upon 45,000$ 
2.  8.6% at the amounts more than 45,000$ 
3.  12.2% implementation upon 147,000$  
4.  14.05% tax rates on more than 147,000$ 


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