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Not good news, but we are together! COVID19 is here in Toronto ON and spreading.

Everyday the number of infected people is increasing in Toronto (GTA) Ontario and other parts of Canada. We should be thankful of the fact that it has not hit our city as hard (yet) as it has in other big cities of the world. I hope that never happens.

Thanks to our governments, health and medical officials/ workers for their response and efforts to keep the genie in the bottle. We must appreciate and be grateful to all the medical officials, workers and staff for putting up the fight against it and trying to keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Toronto city has closed down many public places, lot of sports and cultural events have been cancelled, many retail (shopping) stores are calling temporary shut downs for one thing – contain the spread of this virus.

As, more effectively we do this, the better it is for all of us. Let’s stop this virus from spreading. Let’s observe social distancing!

Let’s do these simple (but very effective) things; keep social distancing, minimal exposure with public, wash/ sanitize hands, keep personal distance, no unnecessary travel. Stay home.


This is high-time for filing taxes. Most of us have to file our 2019 taxes in time (before April 31, 2020). As our contribution to the effort, Instaccountant is also providing remote tax filing services without any extra charges. You do not have to personally come down to our office to get your tax return filed. We will do it remotely without impacting the quality of work or service.


Call for more information: 647 – 243 – 2884


We look forward to serving you in person or remotely.

Stay safe and healthy Toronto, Canada and the world!

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