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What is a luxury tax Canada?

This terminology of luxury tax Canada was imposed by the Government of Canada on the budget 2021 when there is a need to have an implementation of taxes on goods for personal use like automobiles mainly Cars, boats, and aircraft.

Articles of luxury tax

The category consists of luxury goods such as cars, boats, and aircraft. Especially, this follows the specific category of automobiles that only owes by some rich people being really costly.

Implementation of luxury tax

The implementation of such a kind of tax depends upon the standards of quality. It highly pinpoints the idea that only the products with some new purchase are entitled to this kind of taxation. Moreover, goods with amounts of $100,000 and articles like boats with $200,000 are implemented to be taxed.

Calculation of luxury tax Canada

The technique to calculate such a kind of tax is really simple as it follows the percentages from 10-20%. Hence, we come to know that on amounts of $100,000 the tax percentage is 10% on retail price with a threshold. While for the ones with $250,000 the percentage of 20% is surely to reside with only the retail price.

Category of luxury tax

A luxury tax is not just the thing that implements specific luxury articles, but it does so for some other things following the category of Selected luxury goods. Hence, it follows the following articles.

  • Automobiles

It basically accounts for the vehicles being in personal use. Yet it consists of Wagons, passenger vans, pickup trucks, and sports cars. Moreover, the category of motorbikes especially heavy bikes lies under such a kind of taxation. The articles being exempted from such a kind of tax comprises Ambulances, farming vehicles, and automobiles reserved for construction zones.

  • Aircraft

It does not mean to include passenger aircraft like airbuses. But, it especially includes the aircraft that are being bought to be utilized for commercial use. Typical examples include private planes that are specially meant for private use. But, it is to be considered that the aircrafts meant for cargo are not included in this kind of taxation.

  • Boats

The boats basically meant for recreational activities like parties and celebrations along with the yachts for private use come under this category meant for taxation. Yet, the one being non-taxable consists of home-like floating boats and life-saving boats that a security department frequently uses for disasters.

Frequently asked questions

Who should pay the luxury tax?

The luxury tax should be paid by registered vendors of Canada. They should be having verified licenses to get their required documentation for taxation.

Are leases entitled to pay luxury tax?

The goods having leases do not fall under the specific category of taxation. But, it must be following the process of registration to be having a verified status.

What is the deadline to pay luxury tax?

The deadline to file for such a kind of tax exists till April 20th of 2022. So, the registered vendors and verified owners of vehicles must fully take it into consideration before filing.

Do the luxury taxes follow some benefits?

This kind of taxation is the same as the other ones that are present for taxation. So, the benefits are the same as there is for some other category of taxation specified for Canada.


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