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10 Best Apps for E-commerce Business in Canada and USA

10 Best Apps for E-commerce Business in Canada and USA

With the development of technology, numerous apps are available for people to maintain and manage their E-commerce businesses. The problem is that they don’t know which particular app they should opt for. Although, there’s no need to worry about it now.

As per the demand of many of our clients asking for the best management apps for their E-commerce businesses in Canada and the United States, our team researched and compiled a list of the best apps out there in the market.

Webring you a list of the 10 Best apps to manage your E-commerce businesses smoothly. These apps help users buy and sell their products efficiently and can further their businesses in various ways. 

Here’s the list of 10 best apps for your E-Commerce Businesses:

1. HubSpot:

HubSpot is a customer relationship management app designed to organize, nurture, and track leads as well as customers for E-commerce businessmen. The app provides free services for a lifetime. It also provides its user with daily up-to-the-minute updates of entire sales by the company in a user-friendly interface. 

Deals can be sorted by names, amounts, or distinguished by applying certain filters in a fraction of time. HubSpot makes things easier by storing every interaction with a lead in a managed manner which includes meetings, e-mails, messages, calls, and notes. With HubSpot, the user doesn’t need to worry about managing such things as it’s all done automatically.

2. Shopify mobile:

Shopify mobile is a free-of-cost mobile app built for E-commerce businessmen having trouble with maintaining their online stores. This app helps you manage your business anytime from anywhere effortlessly. The app benefits the user by providing on-the-go access to upload product images, facilitating enhancement of the store’s outlook, convenient record keeping of sales and cash flow, accurate analysis of buy-ins and sales, and ready access to one single dashboard for managing all orders, and payments.

3. Zoombooks:

Zoombooks is the app for any E-commerce businessman finding it difficult to carry a notepad or register around to keep track of their accounts and receipts. It helps the user to keep a record of their expenses digitally. The businessman doesn’t need to write everything in a register to keep a record, by using Zoombooks he only needs to take a picture of the receipts (of any business transaction, personal expense, buy-ins, sale, etc.). Zoombooks saves the receipts, processes them, and provides the user with a feasible report. 

4. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is among the most valuable apps for an E-commerce businessman as it analyses your business platform and provides you with the growing and decreasing aspects of your business, along with the tactics and various strategies to improve the declining part of your business.

5. WordPress:

For an E-commerce business the design of their website, quality of product, and relationship with the buyer are the most diligent aspects to improve, and WordPress assists you with these by providing its user with many features (like a list of short codes to avoid coding, search engine optimization, linkage with other apps, scheduled posts, and freedom to assign different tasks to different people). WordPress handles your e-commerce business efficiently and its many options assist you to optimize your website.

6. Mailchimp:

Mailchimp is the most convenient app to manage your emails without worries. The app is designed to manage emails for any business but for E-commerce businessmen, it’s of especially great value. Through mail chimp, you can automate your emails which will be sent to your customers to remind them of your products. The app marks your major customers and provides them with your best products to increase your revenue.

7. Buffer:

Buffer is your daily driver social media tool kit to maintain the content and traffic on your E-commerce social media sites. Buffer helps E-commerce businessmen to keep on working without worrying about their social media handles. You can schedule your post on social media or can even filter out the important comments which save your time. You can focus on other things while letting buffer manage your social media platform for you.

8. Facebook:

Every person uses Facebook; however, you may not know that Facebook provides many features for E-commerce businesses to grow and expand. Facebook upgrades many features to help retailers bring their products to a maximum audience. You can put ads on Facebook for propelling your marketing efforts and to get more sales. Facebook helps you keep records of ads and their engagement by giving you access to insights. You can turn your daily Facebook usage into a method for expanding your business.

9. Expensify:

For an E-commerce business, there is always a bundle of receipts for various expenses (like buying products, accessories, materials, marketing, etc.) and it is hard to manage all these receipts and find them when needed consecutively along with other items. Expensify provides you with an easier way to take care of these receipts. All you must do is take a picture of the receipt and classify it into a category of expenses. Expensify will organize your receipts into expense reports, and you can find them whenever you want through a single search.

10. Helium:

Helium 10 is an assistant for managing your amazon store in multiple ways. Helium 10 has a variety of tools (like tools for Researching products, keywords, analytics, finance, marketing, etc.) to make your amazon store’s management trouble-free and increase your business revenue.

For any businessperson, the growth of their business means the world to them, and they hire various individuals to make it possible. However, when you’re running an E-commerce business you have to manage a lot of your own dealings like receipts, emails, marketing, and customer service. It becomes more and more difficult as your business climbs the ladder and grows in the market. To save time and money we have listed the above 10 best apps that you can use to manage your business and increase your revenue in an accessible and undemanding way. These apps will help you control your business anytime, anywhere.

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