The Impact of Loneliness and Powerlessness on Gig Workers

Workers in the gig economy feel lonely and powerless

Workers in the gig economy

There has been various news regarding the issues being faced by the gig economy in Canada. So, to have an insight into this issue this article will provide some important highlights that must be taken into consideration.

What is the gig economy?

This terminology especially involves the individuals who belong to the class of freelancers or any group who works independently without having to be worried about external sources. It has another definition that regards it as a kind of labor market working on specific contracts which can be short or prolonged.

The gig economy in Canada

Talking about the country of Canada here the gig economy is really active. It consists of Uber Eats, Rideshare, Skip te dishes, Stores of groceries, and laundry. This provides a valuable idea regarding the status of the economy out there. Yet, it is a fact that this economy is really active out there.

Survey about the gig economy

Recently, an anonymous survey was carried out to have a track analysis of people who are a part of the gig economy in Canada, so it was observed almost half of the population is a part of this economy. So, here a question arises if it is that successful then what is the issue with workers? Well! the issue lies in the hectic schedule of workers belonging to this kind of economy. The workers in the gig economy are feeling lonely and less powerful due to the following reasons.

Working with machinery

The lifestyle of today revolves around machinery but it especially follows for gig economy workers making their life miserable and less powerful. The analysis revealed that such a class of workers feel hectic than other classes due to the influence of machinery 

A tight schedule

Workers in the gig economy or a freelancing environment have to meet deadlines that can be really hectic sometimes. This makes them feel depressed. Furthermore, being surrounded by a never-ending list of deadlines make them more stressed than other groups of workers.

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