CRA Strike: How It May Impact 2022 Tax Filing

CRA Strike: How It May Impact 2022 Tax Filing

As Canadians prepare to file their 2022 tax returns, concerns about a potential strike by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) workers may arise. With over 35,000 CRA workers and an additional 122,000 federal workers in a legal position to strike, there could be potential delays in tax returns and other services. In this blog, we will address some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the potential impact of the CRA strike on Canadian tax filing deadlines, electronic filing options, benefit payments, and more.

Will the CRA extend the tax filing deadline if there is a strike?

Unfortunately, the CRA has announced that it will not extend the tax filing deadline, even if there is a worker strike. Canadians are still expected to file their taxes by the usual deadline of May 1, 2023, and pay any balance owing on time. It’s crucial to be aware of this deadline and submit your returns promptly to avoid any potential penalties or interest charges.

How can I file my taxes during CRA strike?

Even if a strike occurs, Canadians can still file their taxes electronically or on paper. The CRA’s electronic filing options, such as NETFILE or EFILE, are likely to remain available during the strike, allowing taxpayers to submit their returns online. However, there may be delays in processing paper returns due to reduced staffing levels at CRA offices. Therefore, it is recommended to file electronically if possible to expedite the processing of your tax return. If you prefer to file on paper, it’s important to be prepared for potential delays and plan accordingly.

How can I ensure my tax return is processed on time during CRA strike?

To ensure that your tax return is processed on time during strike, it’s crucial to file your taxes as soon as possible. By submitting your tax return early, you can avoid any last-minute rush and minimize the impact of potential strike-related delays. Make sure to gather all the necessary documents, such as T4 slips, receipts, and other relevant information, and file your taxes promptly to avoid any potential issues.

What should I do if I am expecting benefit payments during the CRA strike?

The CRA has assured Canadians that benefit payments, including the Canada Child Benefit, will continue during any labour disruption caused by a strike. These payments will be prioritized to minimize the impact on families who rely on these benefits. However, it’s crucial to keep track of any updates from the CRA regarding the status of benefit payments during the strike. Stay informed through the CRA’s official channels and plan accordingly if you are expecting benefit payments during the potential strike period.

What other steps can I take to minimize the impact of CRA strike?

In addition to filing your taxes early and staying informed about benefit payments, there are other steps you can take to minimize the impact of a possible worker strike. These may include:

  1. Ensuring that you have all the necessary documents and information ready for tax filing, such as T4 slips, receipts, and other relevant records.
  2. Checking the CRA’s official website or contacting their helpline for updates on the strike situation and any potential changes to services.
  3. Considering filing your taxes electronically to expedite the processing of your tax return.
  4. Planning ahead for potential delays in processing times and being prepared for any adjustments or changes to CRA services during the strike.


It’s important for Canadian taxpayers to be aware that CRA workers have voted to approve a strike if negotiations fail, but the CRA has no plans to extend the tax filing deadline past May 1st. To avoid potential late filing penalties and interest, it’s crucial to have tax returns filed and taxes paid as soon as possible. However, even if a strike occurs, the majority of electronically filed returns are expected to be processed, including refunds and balances owing. Stay informed through official government sources, and consult with qualified tax professionals for accurate information.



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