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How to file income tax return remotely 2019

We are offering remote tax filing service. We can do it in six easy steps. Call us to discuss. Send documents and information. We will prepare tax return. Sign off T183 form. Return filed with CRA.

Amid the spreading of COVID-19 (corona virus), we have an extra ordinary situation going on in our city Toronto (GTA) – observing social distancing.

The government has announced extension of tax filing deadline to June 01, 2020, that gives us one more month to file. Earlier you file, the better, why wait for that refund!

In order to observe social distancing, we are advising our clients to file their taxes using our remote filing service.

  • This method is allowed by CRA.
  • You don’t have to worry about visiting our office – stay home, stay safe.
  • All your work will be done with same effort and commitment.
  • We will stay in touch from beginning until end (tax filed).
  • There is No extra charges for this service.


Here’s is how we do it in 6 simple steps:

  1. Call us: we will discuss about your tax situation and tell you what documents and information to send us.
  2. Send information: you will send us required information using, email.
  3. Tax return preparation: we will prepare you tax return. If there is anything we need to talk about, we will call you.
  4. Tax return finalization: we will call you to inform how your tax situation looks like and finish it after discussion
  5. Sign off T183 form: we will send you form T183 for you to sign off. You will send the form back to us after signing off.
  6. Tax return filed: once we receive the (signed off) form T183, we will e-file your tax return. We will email you the (submitted) tax return for your record.
  7. You can pay using email transfer or credit card. There is No extra charges for remote filing.


Although, we are available in office for appointments as well, but we encourage remote tax filing in this situation.

You are always welcome to ask as any question. Call at: 647-243-2884 or Email:

We are all in this together! Stay home, stay safe.

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