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Save $20 (Regular fees $130 )

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This offer is for: Uber, Lyft, Uride, Uber eats, DoorDash, Skip, Instacart, Parcel delivery. (read terms and conditions below).

Let Uber tax specialists save tax for you – the right way!

Don't end up paying too much Tax!

Hello driver, are these your questions / fears?

  • I do a job and also drive Uber. My income is high!!?
  • How can I save GST / HST?
  • I don’t have receipts for expenses..
  • I DIY, I messed up..
  • I think my accountant made me pay too much tax last year…

"My goal is to Save you Tax the right way"

We know tax for Uber drivers inside out. This year let us help you save taxes.

  • Which tax deductions to claim and how
  • Claiming back GST/HST 
  • Part-time driver income
  • Avoid CRA audit

An Uber tax specialist will file your tax return at an unbeatable price.
- We have limited capacity, please book your spot -

Murtaza is a professional tax accountant (also an ex-Uber driver). He is known as Uber/ Uber eats tax specialist in Toronto. 



Income tax return

GST HST return


Rideshare Driver (HST return)




Delivery Driver (No HST return)



13% HST will be charged.

Book your spot with us now!
for $10 only

($10 booking fee will be adjusted in the $80)

(Regular charges $130. Offer ends soon)

Making money with ridesharing or delivering is hard?

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what our clients are saying about us

sagar vanik
sagar vanik
I had the pleasure of working with Instaccountant for my tax consultation this year, and I cannot recommend their services highly enough! From the initial consultation to the final submission, the entire process was seamless and stress-free. Murtaza's expertise and knowledge in tax laws and regulations are truly commendable. They took the time to explain complex tax concepts in a way that was easy for me to understand, ensuring that I was well-informed throughout the process. Their attention to detail and thoroughness gave me confidence that my taxes were being handled with the utmost care and precision. Additionally,Murtaza was responsive, professional, and always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. Their dedication to providing exceptional customer service is evident, and it made the entire experience pleasant and efficient. If you're looking for a reliable and knowledgeable tax consultant who will prioritize your needs and ensure compliance with all tax requirements, look no further than Instaccountant. I will definitely be returning next year and will continue to recommend their services to family and friends. Thank you, Instaccountant, for your outstanding service and expertise!
Kingsly Shu
Kingsly Shu
Great job. 👍
Abhishek Rawat
Abhishek Rawat
best service in toronto city. i strongly recommend instaccountant to file taxes 👍
Excellent services! Very professional and friendly. We strongly recommend people who want to do their income tax return with no stress to go with Murtaza. We really appreciated his services! Thanks so much! Euloge
Khalid Wali
Khalid Wali
Talent and professional!! I prefer him to everyone who’s is struggling filling taxes or accounting matters. I promise you won’t find better than him in town.
Gurvinder Singh
Gurvinder Singh
Mr. Murtaza Bhatti is a pro in filing taxes and getting huge refunds. I'm very impressed with his professionalism and knowledge regarding Canadian tax system. Appreciate your help sir!!
Qamar Khan
Qamar Khan
This is my second year for filling tax returns with Murtaza ( instaccountant). Great help and smoothly executed, highly recommend
Esmat Faiz
Esmat Faiz
I met Murtaza recently, I found him professional and knowledgeable as he handled my accounting work with the same care which I personally would take. I look forward to a continued working relationship in the future and definitely refer to all my friends & associations.
Ahmad zubair Noori
Ahmad zubair Noori
Good service for self employed and corporations tax. I definitely recommend.

Please read some terms and conditions for understanding and transparency:

  • This offer is for online filing service only.
  • This offer price applies to a self-employed tax return for a driver with only one source of income (for example, Uber rides only). If a driver has income from multiple sources, all other sources will be charged and added on top of $80. For example; a driver has income from Uber rides and Lyft, $10 will be added to $80. Another example; if a driver has income from Uber eats and a job (T4 slip), he will be charge $5 extra per T4 slip.
  • This price is for a single tax return, spouse or common law partner tax return(s) will be charged separately depending on information provided.
  • The final price for preparing and filing tax return will be finalized once all information is received from client. 
  • GST HST return filing will be charged $30 separately, (where applicable).
  • Booking fee ($10+HST) is non-refundable. It will be adjusted in the final price charged.
  • HST (13%) will be charged on all transactions. Which you can claim on your tax return(s).

Get your tax return filed for $80

How this works?

Expense tracking app for Uber drivers


Are you registered with CRA for tax return filing services?

Yes, we are CRA registered tax return preparers and electronic filers. We can represent clients to CRA as well. By the way we are a year-round tax, accounting and consulting firm.

Do you do tax returns for only Uber drivers (or related)?

No, we do all types of income tax returns for individuals, businesses and corporations.

What if I had income from multiple sources, would you still be able to do my tax return?

No worries, we do all types of tax returns. It’s just that we are famous as Uber tax specialists.

What if I have income from multiple sources, would that affect the price?

Yes, $90 is just for a driver’s (self-employed) income tax return. Additional fees will be added to $80 based on information. for example; if you did Uber rides and 2 part time jobs (2 T4 slips), our fee will be 80+10=$90.

Does this $90 offer include GST HST return as well?

No, $30 will be charged for filing GST HST return.

Do you do tax returns for all provinces?

We do tax returns for all provinces except Quebec. 

Do we have to provide all receipts and invoices for expenses?

No, you will give us the summarized information. You need to keep receipts and invoices just incase CRA requires them.

What if I get a CRA audit?

In that case, we will give you basic help and guidance. We will charge for any time and effort we have to put in.

Is online filing service safe?

Yes, we deploy all necessary confidentiality and safety measures. All correspondence is done through email only. The service has been in operations for years now, it’s safe and efficient.

Would you filed our tax return and update us?

We only file your tax return after getting your review and authorization. 

What if I have questions or concerns and need to discuss?

You can reach out to us anytime during or after the service. We will be glad to hear and answer. Please keep in mind, sometimes the phone gets very busy. Email remains the best way to reach us. 

What if I want to get my tax return filed through Instaccountant in person?

Sure, you can do that. Please get an appointment by calling us at 6472432884. Our office is in Toronto near Don mills / Eglinton E. 

Is online filing service safe?

Yes, we deploy all necessary confidentiality and safety measures. All correspondence is done through email only. The service has been in operations 



Book your spot, so we have proper resources in place to serve you timely.


Email for required information, we send you an email with list of all required information.


Prepare your tax return, we will begin preparing your tax file after receiving information.


Tax return work starts, we will begin preparing your tax file after receiving information.


Report sent, we will send you a tax to see current year’s tax outcome. We can have a call to discuss/ answer your questions.


Signoff authorization, you will sign off the T183 authorization for us to e-file the return.


Tax return done, after e-filing your tax return, we email you the copy.


Have a question or concern? You can call, email, text us.

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